Advantage for Cats Over 4kg. Purple 6 pack

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Advantage for Cats Over 4kg. Purple 6 pack.

ADVANTAGE is used for the treatment and prevention of fleas (Ctenocephalides sp.) and lice (Trichodectes canis and Linognathus setosus) on dogs, cats, rabbits and ferrets. Larval flea stages are killed in the surroundings of treated animals.

Reduces the incidence of flea allergy dermatitis. It is a non-staining, non-sticky topical treatment and has no strong chemical smell.

Safe to use on pregnant and lactating animals.

It is recommended that all animals living in the same environment should be treated. Easy to use, once a month spot-on treatment. Apply in a single spot to the back of the neck.

Active ingredient: Imidacloprid

Presentation: tube (liquid)
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Additional Information
Manufacturer Bayer
Special Price $61.10
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