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  • Advocate Dogs 4 to 10 kg, 3s, Aqua

Advocate Dogs 4 to 10 kg, 3s, Aqua


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Advocate for Dogs

General Description
Advocate is a patented, vet-only combination that is a break-through in the treatment of parasites in both dogs and cats. Advocate is unique because it's the first product to treat, protect and prevent the major parasites.

Treat - Eliminate existing parasite infections.
Protect - Continuous coverage, as one application lasts all month.
Prevent - New infections cannot establish.

Advocate's convenient, topical application covers more aspects of parasite control than any other comparable product.

Advocate contains two active ingredients, Imidacloprid and Moxidectin to provide:

  • THE FAST FLEA CONTROL AND PREVENTION. Imidacloprid spreads rapidly over the animal, killing 98-100% of adult fleas within 12 hours of application. In addition, Imidacloprid controls flea larvae in the pet's environment and reduces the incidence of Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD).
  • HEARTWORM PREVENTION. After topical application, Moxidectin is distributed systemically and with monthly use will prevent heartworm infection in both dogs and cats.
  • TREATMENT, PROTECTION AND PREVENTION OF GASTROINTESTINAL WORMS. Advocate\'s unsurpassed efficacy against adult, immature and L4 larval stages assures protection against environmental contamination and prevents reinfestation of the pet.
  • CONTROL OF SARCOPTIC MANGE MITE. Advocate has been shown to eliminate 100% of sarcoptic mites after a single dose.
  • CONTROL OF EAR MITES. For the treatment of ear mites, Advocate is highly effective as a single dose.
  • CONTROL OF LICE. Applied monthly, Advocate will control lice.

Active Constituents
100 g/L Imidacloprid, 25 g/L Moxidectin

Physical Characteristics
Clear Liquid

Administration: Part hair and apply to skin between the shoulder blades. For dogs over 25kg apply in divided doses between the shoulder blades on the back between the hips and one point in between. One application lasts for a month.

Additional Information

Manufacturer Bayer
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