Biolac Blue Refill Only No Bucket (5kg)

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Biolac 500g. For Puppies, Kittens and all domestic Animlas.

Over 12 months of trials have been completed to produce this quality product. Puppies as young as (12) hours old have shown excellent results on BIOLAC. Growth and weight gains have been consistent with normal growth patterns. Veterinarians can be fully confident that all the required nutrional aspects have been catered for when our clients are presented with this product. Puppies with lactose intolerance can digest BIOLAC without problems and the comprehensive fatty acid composition facilitates absorption.

BIOLAC contains no maltodextrins, sucrose or soy products and has an excellent amino acid profile. The high total solid content controls diarrhoea. If required for older animals add 2ml of canola oil to each 100ml to lift the total energy and total solids. If constipation occurs or the animal appears dehydrated, add an extra 100ml of water.

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Additional Information
Manufacturer Biolac
Special Price $168.29
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