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  • PRO PLAN Adult Chicken Performance Formula (20kg)

PRO PLAN Adult Chicken Performance Formula (20kg)


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PRO PLAN Adult Chicken Performance Formula (20kg)


Pro Plan Adult Chicken Performance Formula, 20 kg for adult dogs
For hard working and Highly active dogs.
Real chicken is the No.1 ingredient

Protects while it nourishes. Formulated for all life stages

30% protein, 20% fat. Optimal protein to fat ratio.

PRO PLAN Adult 1 - 7 years

Typically a dog is ready for an Adult formula when he reaches a year of age (this differs for large breeds that may need to stay on a specific puppy formula for up to 24 months). The PRO PLAN range has adult formulas that are suitable for all breed sizes, as well as those tailored specifically for small and large breeds.

PRO PLAN Adult formulas have been formulated by Purina nutritionists and veterinarians to strict guidelines. With real meat as the first ingredient, each is formulated with optimal protein to fat ratios to meet energy needs while helping to maintain lean body mass. All nutrients are included at optimal levels to help dog's systems work optimally and in harmony with each other.

PRO PLAN Adult now with OptiLife!

Overall health begins with optimal digestion, ensuring that nutrients are absorbed, and your dog's natural protective systems are well nourished. Enhanced digestive health also helps to promote a strong immune system, healthy skin and a thick coat. That is why his food is so vitally important in protecting his overall health. It is also why PURINA veterinarians and nutritionists developed new PURINA PRO PLAN Adult with OptiLife. OptiLife is an innovative blend of high quality ingredients, including bio active prebiotic from natural fibre, yeast β-glucans and omega fatty acids that help strengthen your dog's three natural protective systems. So, you can give your dog optimal nutrition and natural protection to unleash his full potential.

OptiLife includes yeast β-glucans that help strengthen the immune system, so adult dogs can respond stronger and longer to health challenges, protecting your dog's health today and tomorrow.

OptiLife contains Bioactive prebiotic from natural fibre proven to help optimise digestion and the absorption of key nutrients, resulting in firm stools and overall health.

OptiLife is formulated with omega fatty acids, plus vitamins and minerals to support a supple skin and thick, lustrous coat. Your dog's first line of protection against external challenges.

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Manufacturer Purina, Proplan
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