Profender All Wormer for Large Cats 5 to 8kg - 2 x 1.2ml

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Product Description
Profender All Wormer for Large Cats 5 to 8kg - 2 x 1.2ml
- Spot-on all wormer
- Kills roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms
- Kills larval and immature stages
- Convenient, easy to apply

Profender protects your cat from hookworms, roundworms and tapeworms in one easy treatment. It is the only intestinal wormer that kills all infective stages of the relevant intestinal worms in cats in Australia.

Profender contains new technology specially formulated for your cat. Once applied to your cat's skin it rapidly enters the bloodstream and travels to the intestines where the two active ingredients kill worms on contact.

When do I use Profender?

Profender is extremely effective at killing worms that are present in the intestine at the time of treatment. However, it does not act like a vaccine to protect against future infection. That's why regular treatment is essential to maintain your cat's health. Cats can be reinfected from the environment and contact with other pets.

Adult cats
Treat with Profender every 3 months
Treat with Profender at 8, and 12 weeks of age and thereafter every 3 months.
Pregnant cats
Treat with Profender at mating, before birth of the kittens and then every 3 months

Active Constituents
Emodepside 21.4 g/L, Praziquantel 85.8 g/L

Additional Information
Additional Information
Manufacturer Bayer
Special Price $25.45
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