Royal Canin Cat Food Indoor (4kg)

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Royal Canin Indoor cat food 27

The sheltered and harmonious setting in which the indoor cat lives strongly affects its behaviour and its nutritional needs.

It lives sheltered from dampness, from changes
in temperature and lighting, which results in: • practically constant hair loss
• increased hair absorption
• the formation of hairballs in the body (and vomiting)

It has reduced physical expenditure, which results in:
• slow digestion causing digestive disorders
• an increased risk of weight gain.

Optimises digestion:
• by regulating digestive motricity thanks to an intake of fibre
• by stimulating the flora beneficial to the colon.
Limits weight gain :
• by supplying a moderate calorie level.
Limits the consequences of balls of ingested hair:
• by facilitating natural bowel movements
• by preventing ingested hair from agglutinating.
Contributes to the proper operation of the urinary system :
• by controlling urine acidity
• by limiting risks of calculi.

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Additional Information
Manufacturer Royal Canin
Special Price $50.99
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