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  • Royal Canin Cat Food Mother & Babycat (10kg)

Royal Canin Cat Food Mother & Babycat (10kg)


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Royal Canin Cat Food Mother & Babycat (10kg)

For kittens 1 to 4 months
Pregnancy is a delicate period for the queen and for the growing kittens.
Their animal proteins, fat and energy requirements are very high.
A kitten younger than 4 months is vulnerable and needs protection
The first age kitten stage is a period of intense growth that mobilises all the kitten's resources to cope with 3 major changes:

  • A gradual transformation of its digestive capacities:
    the kitten loses its ability to digest lactose (the sugar in milk)
  • An incomplete immune protection:
    when maternal immunity dissaopears from the age of 2 months, the kitten loses its optimum defences against infectious diseases.
  • The dentition in transition:
    the kitten's milk teth start to appear between 2 and 3 weeks, whereas the final teeth only form after 4 months.

Mini kibble with a soft texture:
size and softness are suited to the milk teeth of young kittens.
•easy to rehydrate to facilitate the transition from mother's milk to dry food.
Helps protect the digestive tract:
the anti-inflammatory action of essential fatty acids (Omega 3).
Helps stimulate the benefitial intestinal flora:
due to the presence of fructo-oligo-saccharides, which promote the balance of the intestinal flora.
Promotes a safe intestinal transit:
due to limited starch content and a good balance of micronised fibres.
Natural defences participation:
with Mannan-oligo-saccharides (M.O.S.) to help increase the concentration of antibodies (immunoglobulins).
Action on the body:
with high content of vitamin C & E and taurine contibuting to stimulate the body.

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