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  • Royal Canin Cat Food Siamese (4kg)

Royal Canin Cat Food Siamese (4kg)


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Royal Canin cat food Siamese 38

The Siamese is one of the liveliest, most energetic cats there is.
It is a natural born athlete with a long, clean limbed body and very well defined muscle mass. Our nutritional plan provides the Siamese with the energy it needs, without the weight-gain, to guarantee a slim figure and athletic body.
We spent 18 months perfecting Siamese 38. As a result, we have a much better understanding of what makes a Siamese tick. We took our time because its feeding routine, coat and digestive sensitivity are all complex riddles that nutrition has to solve.
Protein-rich, low-energy food:
Its high in protein content (38%) and moderate energy supply enable Siamese 38 to ensure a muscular figure without accumulation of fat.
A unique synergy of conjugated linolec acid and L-carnitine
Conjugated linolic acid (CLA) - less fat more muscle
L-carnitine- more energy, less fat
L-carnitine facilitates the utilisation of fats.

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Manufacturer Royal Canin
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