Royal Canin Endurance 4800 (20kg)

Royal Canin Endurance 4800

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Royal Canin Endurance 4800

Royal Canin understands that dogs' nutritional needs differ according to size, age and activity level. We are committed to providing your dog a food that meets its specific nutritional requirements. Some dogs are intensely active and work under extreme conditions (cold, hot, rough ground, altitude etc...). Such long difficult effort requires a suitable diet to ensure the dog's performance and endurance.

Producing intense and prolonged effort.
As a general rule, the longer the effort, the more energy intake is needed (+10% per hour of activity). As for a human athlete, effort represents a stress for the dog which is both physical and phychological. If the quality of food (and training) is inadequate, the dog will be more likely to develop cramp, or hypoglycemia and its recovery will be slower.

Enduring a cold or hot climate.
Medium dogs which live outdoors must cope with high variations in temperature. Keeping their internal temperature constant increases their need for energy by 30% when the temperature is between 0°C and 10°C, and by 40% when it exceeds 30°C.

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Additional Information
Manufacturer Royal Canin
Special Price $129.99
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