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  • Royal Canin Medium Junior (15kg)

Royal Canin Medium Junior (15kg)


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Royal Canin Medium Junior (15kg)


Royal Canin Medium Junior

Royal Canin Medium Junior, suits pups from 2 months to 12 months old of the following breeds, beagles, staffordshire, dalmation, cattle dog, and similar, where they are expected to reach 11 to 25kg at adult weight.

The Medium group of dogs weigh from 11 to 25 kg. These were initially hunting dogs, herding dogs, Nordic dogs or other working breeds. Today, they have managed to adapt themselves perfectly to our present way of life.

Historically, Medium dogs were selected for their physical ability to work outdoors. They are characterised by a specific physiology which allows them to produce intense effort, over a short or long period. They have courageous and enterprising characters, and a highly developed sense of smell is important to their working life.

Medium dogs are very lively companions, that adapt well to a variety of living conditions. But they still need to burn energy in order to lead a balanced life. Daily exercise is essential so they can express their natural energy.

It takes 12 months for a medium puppy to reach adult weight. This crucial growth stage requires a very high-energy food, that takes into account the underdeveloped digestive ability.

Royal Canin MEDIUM Junior Key Features
Satisfies the requirements for fast growth by providing a high energy content food (4288 kcal/kg) rich in proteins (32%).
Takes into account the puppy's poor digestive capacity by means of very highly digestible proteins, a reduced starch content (25%), fructo-oligo-saccharides and sugar beet pulp to nourish the intestinal flora.
Ensures solid skeletal development and healthy teeth by means of appropriate calcium and phosphorus contents.

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Manufacturer Royal Canin
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