Royal Canin Medium Light (13kg)

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Royal Canin Dog Food Medium Light (13kg)

Medium sized dogs get maximum attention with Royal Canin Dog Food. Specifically cooked up for the requirements of medium breeds, this dog food is for pooches over 12 months old, who need to watch their waistline.

Royal Canin Dry Dog Food Medium Light 13kg is specially cooked up for medium breed dogs over 12 months, between 11-25kg, who need to watch their weight. Royal Canin knows that every canine is unique, so each product has the nutritional solution to meet your cheeky pooch's special needs.

Royal Canin Dog Food Medium contains LIP proteins, prebiotics, FOS and MOS for optimal digestive security and balanced intestinal flora. HUH?? This means good stool quality. And we all know that perfect poops are the sign of a healthy pet!

For those times when their bark ISN'T bigger than their bite, this dry dog food contains L-Carnitine to stimulate the metabolism of fat reserves to meet the high-energy requirements of medium dogs. The balanced nutrients meet the very high energy needs of medium-sized breeds and takes into account digestive sensitivity, ensuring your dog maintains his ideal weight. And thanks to sodium polyphosphates, tartar formation is slowed down which means cleaner teeth, fresher breath and a happier owner. Everyone's a winner!

Royal Canin even contains a special, patented antioxidant complex and mann-oligo-saccharides (yep, that's a mouthful) in order to support your four-legged pal's natural defenses - and better yet, it's sure to satisfy even the fussiest of appetites.

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Additional Information
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Special Price $101.99
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