Urine-Off Odour & Stain Remover for Cat & Kittens 500ml

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Urine-Off Odour & Stain Remover
High-Performance Bio-Enzymatic Technology
Specifically Formulated for CAT & KITTEN URINE - Veterinarian Strength

URINE: Every living creature produces urine every day, and we rarely give it a second thought. When urine finds its way to the wrong spot or gets concentrated in a small area, it becomes a very challenging problem! When you need to remove urine odor, you need Urine-Off.
# Concentrated formulation eliminates all urine odors, tackling high-protein cat diets that create pungent smelling urine.
# Eliminates fresh and old urine stains and odors (even years old!).
# Higher viscosity formula that better adheres to vertical surfaces where cats have sprayed on walls, furniture or upholstery.
# Works on previously soiled areas to eliminate markers that tend to attract cats back to the same spot.

Removing cat urine odor can be one of the most difficult cleaning tasks, since these (and other animal urine stains) produce an especially persistent, unpleasant urine odor. Traditional pet odor removal approaches involving soap and strong chemicals have failed time and time again.

Urine-Off is a high-performance, bio-enzymatic product developed specifically to remove cat urine, dog urine, other urine stains and odors. Urine-Off differs from competing products in several key ways:

It eliminates urine odor at the source, permanently;
It is effective at removing urine odors and urine stains on hard and soft surfaces; and It works not only on fresh urine stains, but on old ones too (even YEARS old!)

Finally...Something That Actually Works!

Urine-Off Removes Urine Stain and Odor...Even Cat Urine...No Matter How Old It Is or How BAD It SMELLS!
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