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  • Virbac - Preventic Tick Collar FOR DOGS (2 Months)

Virbac - Preventic Tick Collar FOR DOGS (2 Months)


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Virbac - Preventic Tick Collar FOR DOGS (2 Months)

Prevents attachment
The tick does not need to bite the dog to be killed by Preventic. Preventic not only kills ticks but it also detaches the tick before they infect. This means little or no toxin exposure to the dog.

Long acting protection
Preventic offers protection from Paralysis Ticks for up to 2 months, whereas many other products only offer up to 3 weeks protection or have to be used daily or every second day to maintain any protection.

Ease of use / Low cost
Preventic is easy to use and inexpensive and, even if a dog owner is using another form of Tick prevention, it is reasonable that they also consider the inexpensive extra insurance of a Preventic collar. There is an annual fatality rate of 1000 dogs or more attributed to the Paralysis Tick in Australia each year. Preventic is a small price to pay for insurance against this threat.

Safe when used with flea prevention treatments
More and more people are now using combinations of insecticides and tickicides. Virbac has assessed the safety of Preventic when combined with a number of other products. Whilst such combinations are considered "off label" they were demonstrated as safe when assessed.

Protects against the following ticks:
Ixodes holocyclus (Dog paralysis tick), Ixodes cornuatus, Haemathysalis longcornis, Boophilus microplus and Rhipicephalus sanguineus.

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Manufacturer Virbac
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